Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day-Remembering Those Who Have Served

To those who have served our great country-thank you for your service!

Memorial Day
C.W. Johnson

We walked among the crosses
Where our fallen soldiers lay.
And listened to the bugle
As TAPS began to play.
The Chaplin led a prayer
We stood with heads bowed low.
And I thought of fallen comrades
I had known so long ago.
They came from every city
Across this fertile land.
That we might live in freedom.
They lie here 'neath the sand.
I felt a little guilty
My sacrifice was small.
I only lost a little time
But these men lost their all.
Now the services are over
For this Memorial Day.
To the names upon these crosses
I just want to say,
Thanks for what you've given
No one could ask for more.
May you rest with God in heaven
From now through evermore.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Exploring Idaho Back Roads on Vintage Motorcycles

I haven't had as much creative time lately, although when I can grab a minute, I piece another lady of the lake block for my king sized quilt. Most of my time has been spent organizing camping gear to get ready for summer camping. Who put the camping stove away dirty?? Hmm, it was me, darn it.

For years my husband and I have talked about getting dual sport motorcycles to ride together. One thing my knee injury taught me is to not wait on fulfilling dreams as you never know when life will throw you a curve ball, changing what you can do. Lately, we've been exploring parts of Idaho that I've never seen, seeing it from the seat of a vintage Honda CT110 with my corgi, Max, sitting behind me in a custom wooden box that Marshall created. Max barks if I get too far behind, and pokes me with his nose, I guess, in an effort to get me to go faster-it's rather hilarious! Yesterday we trailered our motorcycles to just past Idaho City, where we parked at the Granite Creek recreational area to eat some lunch and then unload the bikes.

As we drove through Idaho City we noticed an interesting building that is quite eclectic.

Our goal was to explore the area, finding a couple of new campgrounds to try, and to enjoy the sights along the way driving down some of the forest service roads. The views were incredible as we headed to Bald Mountain Campground.

We rode up to the campground which looks like a great place to camp, and I did a happy dance as there was a BATHROOM! After hours of riding, that was a joyous sight ;-) Right past the campground we ran into deep snow covering the road. Some intrepid soul had driven their truck through it, but that was the end of the road for us and we turned around to head back to the truck. My son, Seb, and I stood by the snow for a photo op-

 And Max ran through the snow, just enjoying eating some of it.

I think my husband's smile sums it up nicely about the day (don't look at my helmet hair). It's nice when you can fulfill a loved one's dream by being willing to ride a motorcycle on trails and back country roads. And you know what? I had a blast, too.

After six hours of riding I couldn't feel my backside any longer, so it was time to call the end of a very fun day. One of the things I love about Idaho is the ability to get outdoors and just soak up the breathtaking vistas. We're already planning our next ride....

Have a great weekend,

Friday, May 9, 2014

Progress on the Lady of the Lake Quilt

It's been rather fun seeing the blocks build for my lady of the lake quilt. I took out my bin of neutral scraps, cut them into triangles, and now I have a nice assortment of neutrals to choose from. And my scrap box is not overflowing anymore, which is great!

Here in Idaho we've had a wonderful cool, wet spring, which has made the wildflowers in the foothills put on a lovely show. The other day my husband and I were out hiking, first time for me post surgery. The hills are covered in lupines, and they have the sweetest scent!

 Some of the hills looked almost solidly yellow from all of the flowers that were growing.

Yellow is such a cheerful color, don't you think? As we hiked, we came across more flowers, which brightened the day.

I love the wide open spaces that can be found here in Idaho and we had the view to ourselves.

Sam and Max had a great time galloping all over the place.

And my knee did okay as long as I kept the pace a bit slower. I was puffing a bit like Sam in this photo, but it's early days yet in the season, so I'll get into better hiking shape by the end of summer.

Do you have special plans for Mother's Day? We'll be packing a picnic lunch, loading our motorcycles on their trailer, and setting out to do some trail riding in the mountains :-) It should be a grand day!