Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Creative News

The work-well, it doesn't feel like work as it's much more fun than that-continues on the Dresden batik quilt. I have 20 blocks done out of the 30 that I need so I'm getting closer day by day. Don't you just love the variety that quilting offers? I like looking at modern quilts but I also love the classic quilts that are created from blocks that have been used by generations of quilters. Reading blog posts from a variety of quilters is so inspiring as there are so many neat things to learn and to try. Plus you get to meet some neat people along the way....Speaking of people, I want to welcome the new people who have just joined my blog.

I've started cycling again and can you see the HUGE GRIN ON MY FACE? I rode this past weekend with my family and it was just awesome-enjoying the sunshine, talking together, and just thanking God for the blessings in my life while pedaling along the Boise River. Speaking of blessings, I saw this sunrise the other morning.

I was watching the Olympics the other evening and noticed that I had a bag of dyed Cormo and kid mohair nearby so I started carding those together, blending the brilliant blue with the soft turquoise. That singles yarn made me wonder what it would look like plied with a Merino singles that I had spun using a top that I dyed using varied concentrations of turquoise, soft blue, and black dyes. The result of that plied yarn was knit up as a tam. I love how the colors blended together and I need to add this method to my dyeing workbook to remind myself to try this again.

I've started weaving again, and the 8/2 cotton variegated warp that I had wound on my Baby Wolf was waiting for me. Watching the unique fabric emerge motivates me to keep throwing the shuttle. I met a new weaver the other day, and he was so jazzed about his first weaving project. It was neat to see his enthusiasm and I hope that he holds on to that. There are some in the weaving world who are fun killers-it must be done MY way or it's not right-and I hope that he continues to explore weaving with the ability to follow his own ideas because that's where the real fun is. For the weavers out there, here's the information on the kitchen towels:the 8/2 cotton is from the Woolery ; the sett is 24 epi; and the weave structure is a four shaft twill.

I wanted to make a small quilt as a thank you to the physical therapist who has helped me so much over the past four weeks. I used a wonky New York Beauty block as the focus, then added hand painted fabric that I had painted using textile paint. I added some prairie points and some quilting using rayon thread. Thanks, Krystan, for showing me how to push past the pain so that the flexibility and strength is returning to my knee/leg!

It's been warm here, so I thought that it would be a great time to get my fishing pole out and explore some new spots on the Boise River-watch out trout ;-) The other day I was out enjoying the sunshine while walking my canine buddies, Max and Sam, and I came across this interesting bird's nest swinging in the afternoon breeze.

Here's hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Batik Dresden Quilt for Marshall

Do you remember me mentioning that quilt that had been on my sewing table for weeks (months)? Well, I finally worked out what was bothering me about it and started working on it once again. I'm using various green batiks with soft, neutral fabrics for the backgrounds. It feels great to be sewing/quilting again!!

 I thought that I'd use wool batting to make a warm, snuggly quilt.

This past weekend we did a little bit of nothing while chain watching the Olympics. It felt rather nice, actually. I did a bit of spinning on my Katherine's Cup spindle from Greensleeves Spindles. It has a claro walnut whorl and a bird's eye maple shaft. Lovely. I was spinning hand dyed Merino into a soft singles:

I finally got the cotton yarn warp on my Baby Wolf loom that has been waiting for me the past few weeks. It's 8/2 cotton in various red/yellow/beige/orange/white yarns. I've set it up for a four shaft twill for weaving kitchen towels and it's just ready to start weaving :-)

There's snow on the ground here after a couple of very welcome storms. It's been so dry here in Idaho and yet other states have set records for snowfall. I love looking up at Shafer Butte/Bogus Basin and seeing the fresh powder. There are some very happy people up enjoying it, I'm sure!

I try to keep the bird and squirrel feeders full this time of year. It's neat to watch them to see who stops by for a visit. The Dark-eyed Juncos have been visiting quite often.

I'm hoping to be back on my bike this week after three weeks of physical therapy. Oh, happy, happy day! Here's a big thanks to the pt women who have been so helpful to me.

I'm hoping that you have time for fiber/fabric today,